How to Saint Patrick’s Day

☘️Public Service Announcement☘️

March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day, an Irish holiday celebrated around the world. This blog post provides a few tips on celebrating with aplomb, especially for those who have never lived in Ireland.

– St. Pat’s or St. Paddy’s, never St. “Patty’s”

– Irish beer is typically black, never green (blonde, brown, or amber are also acceptable)

– For a traditional touch, pin a bunch of live shamrocks to your lapel

– March 17th is the Republic of Ireland’s national day, and for many Catholics it’s a religious holiday, so please show some respect

– Paddywhackery, shamroguery, plastic-paddyism, and other cringe-worthy shenanigans can be a bit embarrassing…

– For all that, wear the green, have some craic, and raise a glass to Ireland!

Saint Patrick's Day greetings

2 thoughts on “How to Saint Patrick’s Day

  1. Have a Birthday and enjoy a Whiskey or two,

    Have your friends nearby, if able or else be sure to write or call☘️☘️


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