Shillelagh Studies on the “Mind Your Movement” Podcast

Podcast: Sound and Music of the Shillelagh.

I’m delighted to have been a guest on Freemen Fitness’s “Mind Your Movement podcast. We covered my concept of martial sound, my research on the musical culture of 19th-century faction fights in Ireland, and the state of Irish stick-fighting today. 

The host of the podcast, Nathan Featherstone, is a martial artist, personal trainer, and fitness instructor based in Dublin. He’s one of the few people teaching Irish stick-fighting in Ireland today. Nathan has trained in the Doyle style (Rince an Bata Uisce Bheatha), and he’s also pressure tested the techniques at Dog Brothers Gatherings.


“Mind Your Movement” can be found on the Freemen Fitness website, as well as on iTunes and YouTube. You can follow them on social media, too:

Twitter: @freemenfitness

Instagram: @freemenfitness

Facebook: @freemenfitness

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